• SecretLair

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  • Personal, live interactions build relationships

    Relationships are fostered by collaboration - teamwork thrives. SecretLair enables users to complete projects & tasks sooner.

    Live engagement with internal and external resources avoids wasted time…so tasks are completed quicker. The SecretLair audio & video conferencing, group chat, and content sharing platform encourages team interaction; immediate feedback, instant edits and sharing of new ideas and plans.

    Collaboration “helps me get to the finish line faster.”

    Key Benefits

    • Accelerate decision making
    • Connect to anyone, anywhere from any internet ready device
    • Eliminate the chase
    • Minimize the delay waiting for voicemails or e-mails to be answered
    • Easily deploy team collaboration for your enterprise
    • Decrease time to project/task completion
    • No additional IT resources are required
  • Group Chat

    Encourage project team collaboration by providing staff with a platform to conduct multi-party chat sessions.

    Expedite project completion by facilitating communications methods with which team members may be more comfortable, and dissuade ‘personal’ conversation.

    SecretLair enables your customer support team to multi task.

  • Audio & Video Conferencing

    Effective team communications is often improved via visual cues. But availability and travel time can make coordinating a meeting that fits in to multiple schedules a challenge, and present unnecessary delays.

    SecretLair enables internal and external parties to ‘connect’ face-to-face on a moment’s notice…no matter where they are.

  • Real-time Screen Sharing

    Display files, spreadsheets, presentations, images, and videos for all collaborators to view simultaneously.

    Encourage immediate team feedback, ideation, and instant edits to expedite project completion.

    SecretLair is the platform that facilitates real-time collaboration from pre-sale thru ongoing support... everywhere in the world.

  • Web-Accessible from Any Device

    SecretLair is a fully-hosted solution which requires no application downloads, minimizing IT support resources.

    Manage or participate in a SecretLair collaboration room from any internet ready device, from anywhere.

    SecretLair enables you to expand your resource pool globally.

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