• Multi-site

  • Win with multi-site capabilities that enable your business to communicate more!

    Regardless of where your co-workers are located - the headquarters building, branch offices, remote satellite offices, home-offices, or just road warriors - when you use Vantage MAXvoice service, you will communicate with all of your associates, calling and moving calls as if you are in the same location - because you’re all on one system!

    Did you know?

    • 70% of business employees work from home at least 2 days a week
    • Multi-location businesses typically spend 20-40% of phone time on intra-company calls

    MAXcore 2.0, our cloud-based unified communications network combines standard multi-location telephony interaction with chat, video and workplace collaboration applications, bringing together your entire staff, no matter the location, onto a single platform - simplifying and encouraging collaborative efforts.

  • Key system benefits

    Simplify & encourage interaction with ‘remote’ co-workers:

    • 4-digit site-to-site calling and transfers make interacting with co-workers at other locations quick & easy…across the nation or across the world
    • Site-to-site chat and video instantly connect remote teammates working on a common project
    • Secret Lair Collaboration enables remote co-workers, as well as external collaborators, to talk, chat, video conference, and view screens…regardless of location

    Single receptionist to serve all locations:

    • MAXvoice supports a single company-wide ‘main’ number - allowing a centralized receptionist to efficiently transfer callers to remote staff
    • Use multiple ‘local’ numbers - all ringing to a single receptionist position
    • Consolidate inbound call handling with a centralized call answering attendant or receptionist - managing calls for multiple locations

    Scheduled and emergency office-to-office call handling:

    • Re-route calls between locations in real-time - immediately react to, or proactively plan for emergency (weather-related) office closings
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