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  • More than just a phone ‘system’ or hosted ‘service’, MAXvoice is a complete communications solution that enables your staff to Communicate More. Designed to satisfy your unique telephony requirements, MAXvoice allows you to take advantage of our robust functionality set so your business realizes the value of improved customer call handling and quick attention to prospective customers. All supported by the Vantage Communications Concierge support team, an experienced group of professionals acting as your telephony partner.

  • A hosted call center service that moves calls to the next available agent, most equipped to immediately address your caller’s need. Timely call handling increases caller satisfaction, keeping your customers happy. Critical call data and individual employee performance indicators guide key business and staffing decisions.

  • Communicate More via your “office” telephone system no matter where you are, no matter what internet-ready device you are using. Wherever you call your ‘office’ for the day, or the moment — make and receive calls to your office number as if you were sitting at your desk.  

  • Instantly engage website visitors with live chat, voice, or video interaction. Your staff can provide live, immediate information or support — turning a passive website visit in to an interactive 2-way real-time exchange.  

  • AMPED's simple and easy platform will help you manage the selling process from lead to closing. Get actionable insights so you can increase your sales with less effort. Always have customer information at your fingertips so nothing ever slips through the cracks again. AMPED CRM is a product of Vantage Labs.

  • Optix is a vital tool for marketers that are now relying heavily on omnichannel strategies. It allows you to track the user journey, target KPIs, customize reports, and see ROI accurately. With a range of viewpoints into all of your metrics, you can adjust your focus in on any aspect of a campaign or zoom out to see the larger picture. Optix is also a product of Vantage Labs.

  • Adaptix is designed to help your business grow. Build your audiences based on behavior and customize campaigns tailor-made for individuals and targeted groups alike. Track leads throughout the entire lifecycle with customized lead scoring that works for your business. Adaptix has everything you need to improve efficiency and create digital campaigns without complicating your marketing efforts. Adaptix is also a product of Vantage Labs.

  • Two locations or 22 locations, every co-worker is only a 4-digit call away. Local and remote “main” numbers are answered by a single reception for every location, or by staff at any location, and transferred to users regardless of location. Seamless single system call flow.

  • Vantage’s Communications Concierge Team specializes in the operation and support of hosted communications services.  Our team presents the proper balance of telephony focus, attitude and experience, with a friendly, personal touch.

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